Goodwood Sportscars are based near Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland and I specialise in the sale of that wonderful little sports car, the Mazda MX5 or Mazda Eunos as its known in Japan. I like to think of myself as more of a car enthusiast than an out and out dealer and I’ve been passionate about cars and motorsport since I was a little kid. I don't have a huge flashy showroom and I only hold a few cars in stock at any given time. As such, I am careful of both the selection and preparation of the cars I sell as there is a reasonable chance that I will see both car and customer again as a fair proportion of my business is repeat or recommended. I’m happy to offer whatever help and advice I can to any potential MX5 purchaser, so please feel free to contact me – I love to chat about cars.

Sometimes I'll offer something non-MX5 for sale, though it usually needs to be something interesting that appeals to the typical petrolhead and - to be frank - it needs to appeal to me too, as an car enthusiast. I sometimes track down something a bit interesting just for the fun of running it for a while and then I sell it on. Recently cars I've enjoyed and sold include Jaguar XJ6 TD, various Alfa Romeos, Focus ST, various Impreza Turbos and Mitsubishi Evos, a number of Porsches (Boxster and 944s) along with plenty of performance BMWs and Mercedes.

I try and post updates on whats going on at Goodwood Sportscars via my Facebook page. Just click on the link below to go to my Facebook page:

Goodwood Sportscar's Facebook Page

Meanwhile, have a look through the website and get a feel for my cars and how I like to work. That said, there’s no substitute for seeing the cars in the metal. I work by appointment only but you are always welcome to come along, look around the cars and more importantly, drive them.