Cars & parts for sale

Here's a selection of cars either currently for sale or due in.
I'm going to apologise in advance at this point: my stock changes very, very frequently and I know it can be disappointing to phone up about a particular car only to find that its sold. I try to update the website every day so that its as accurate as possible. On the bright side, I often have new cars arriving that may not even be on the site yet, if you are looking for something specific, please contact me as there may well be something suitable due in. I still find that around 75% of my cars are sold without ever being advertised; they sell to folk who simply phone me with their requirements.

The majority of my customers travel a considerable distance to buy a car and this raises a couple of issues. The only way that this can work properly is if I am 100% honest about what you are travelling to buy. Therefore I am happy to give you a warts ‘n all description, if necessary, walking around the car with my mobile phone giving you a detailed description of everything. At least this way, you can be confident that the car will be exactly as described when you get here.
By the way, I'm happy to collect you from my nearest train station (Berwick upon Tweed) if that helps with collection arrangements.
Unfortunately I really can’t hold a car off sale for you unless I have a deposit and this can be paid either by bank transfer or Paypal. Then I promise I will not sell the car to anyone else: sounds obvious actually, but I know of a few dealers who will happily let the customer travel 300 miles only to tell them that the car has been sold to someone who had cash in hand. I don’t have card facilities so the balance can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. If a deposit is paid, I am happy to keep the car off sale for a week or so; then I really need it collecting as space is always at a premium here.

Selling an MX5?
I'm always on the lookout for good Mazda MX5s so if you are thinking of selling, please give me a call: I can guarantee a hassle free sale.