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January 2022

And still the strong market for MX5/Eunos Mk1s continues...

A few years ago, I regularly read online and in magazines that MX5 values would never amount to much as so many were produced. And yet here we are now with MK1 values continuing to climb and a shortage of really good ones. Part of the reason for this is that values of bigger, faster Japanese cars has sky-rocketed recently (though that is partly due to the US market). When a decent Skyline is £50,000+, an RX7 is over £20k and even a good MK1 MR2 can be £12k+, a nice Mk1 Eunos at £7000 looks quite good value for money.

I reckon there's still some way to go yet, though it really is only the best cars that will command strong money. Actually finding a good car is harder than ever but I have good contacts built up over nearly 30 years in the car business and this helps me track down some wonderful examples.

I have added a couple of Mazda Eunos to my own collection, partly because I love driving them but partly with an eye on future values. With interest rates so low, the increase in value of a very good car is quite attractive - almost certainly better than leaving money in an ISA for example. I recently bought back a car that I sold some 10 years ago and I had to pay double what I originally sold it for back in 2012. Great for the owner who has had the fun of owning a Mazda for many years and has made a few quid in the process.

I'm really looking forwards to the forthcoming hillclimb and sprint season though I have a slight change of direction. The MX5 Mk2.5 that I used last season should be on its way to a new owner shortly and I have a new car for this year. Its a 1994 Mazda Eunos RS-Ltd with a decent turbo set-up, producing around 226bhp which should be fun. My immediate problem is going to be getting it ready in time as I have so much still to do. Read the latest reports on this in the 'My Hillclimb Exploits' section on here.

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