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June 2022

Prices for good MX5 Mk1 models continue to stay firm and I suspect they still have a good way to go yet. Prices in Japan continue to be astounding (a couple of reasonably nice Eunos RS-Ltds - admittedly one of the rarest models - have recently sold for circa £21,000). Prices are much higher in both the USA and on the European continent. It means that the cheapest place to buy a Mk1 at the moment is here in the UK. It also means that Mk2/Mk2.5 models are attracting more interest too. The problem is that its quite difficult to find a good one as they rust so badly. When I do get a good Mk2 in stock, they tend to sell very quickly and for strong money. In fact the last few Mazdas I have had in (both Mk1 and Mk2/2.5), have sold within days and sometimes within minutes of being advertised. It means that its always difficult to keep this website up to date as cars come and go so quickly. If you are looking for something, its best to email or phone as I always have a number of cars in my 'Due In Soon' file.

At last, I have managed to get my Eunos RS-Ltd along to a competitive event - the hillclimb at Forrestburn in mid June. It was, well interesting to say the least and the day did NOt go as I had thought it might. Read 'My Hillclimb Exploits' for the full story (on this website). I have also attended a couple of track days, both at Knockhill, where my turbo-charged Eunos RS-Ltd performed really well. Its incredibly quick, often surprising some much bigger/supposedly faster cars. Hopefully I'll get to a few more events this year.

As ever, I'm still using Facebook to give regular and quick news updates so please check out my pages on there: there are links on the 'Links' page here.