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August 2019

The MX5 world continues to move on at some rate and these days, I find myself spending more time tracking down cars that need a variety of jobs doing rather than cars that are ready to go immediately. Think of it as a smaller version of 'Wheeler Dealers' and you have a better idea of what I do. A small handful have morphed into near-full on restorations. However, the strength of Mk1 prices mean that this kind of extensive work is now financially viable and this situation will continue as prices of good Mk1s continue their slow but steady climb.

On a similar note, I always have a number of 'project cars' hanging around here, waiting for me to find the time to get these finished and back on the road. I have eventually realised that I am simply never going to have the time to actually do this so I am putting some of them up for sale at pretty well the same price they cost me. These include a rare RS-Ltd 1.8 and an equally rare 1.8 Type II S-Special.

The big news this month is that we are slowly beginning to track down and import good cars from Japan again. The fact that the Japanese don't use salt on their roads mean that most of their cars are pretty well rust-free and thats quite a big deal if you want a really clean Eunos. First to arrive is a 1992 S-Special 1.6, something we're very excited about.

My cars sell very quickly which gives me a nice problem in that my website can become out of date very quickly. I try and keep on top of it but cars can come and go very quickly. Its always best to drop me a quick line to see what I have due in. If you are looking for something special, contact me and let me know. Who knows what I have up my sleeve!

One notable magazine article appeared in 'Octane' magazine recently and it featured interviews of the original design team in California along with a test drive of one of the very first cars. There was even a small feature on the man behind the MX5 Tsutomu 'Tom' Matano who still owns and drives a Mk1. Its all in Issue 194 August 2019..

As ever, I'm still using Facebook to give regular and quick news updates so please check out my pages on there: there are links on the 'Links' page here.