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September 2020

Its been the most incredibly busy time and the MX5 marketplace has been very busy over the last few months. Fortunately I have been able to find some really nice examples, ensuring I am able to keep offering really good cars for sale. As ever, a lot of my cars don't even make it to the stage where i have to advertise them so its often best to drop me an email and let me know what you are looking for - you never know what I have up my proverbial sleeve...

I attended my first track day in a very long time recently and its re-kindled my interest in competing in hill-climbs and sprints via Eunos Ecosse, which is the MX5 hillclimb to join in Scotland. After much deliberation as to what model of MX5 I would want to compete in, I finally tracked down a reasonably decent 2001 MX5 1.8 SVT complete with six speed gearbox, lsd, 146bhp VVT engine and even better, it had already been fitted with Meister R suspension. I now have quite a bit of time to get it prepared for next season.

If you look at non-MX5 sports cars, there some really interesting cars out there. Take the first generation of Mercedes SLK for example; usually supercharged and with leather seats and lots of toys, a good example can be had for less than £2500. They suffer from rust so you need to be wary but even so, its a lot of car for the money. Same with the early Mercedes CLK, BMW Z3 and there is even the odd Porsche Boxster to be had at sub £4000. Running costs are in another league though. These cars can't be this cheap for ever.

As ever, I'm still using Facebook to give regular and quick news updates so please check out my pages on there: there are links on the 'Links' page here.