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[bJune 2019[/b]

There have been lots of changes here at Goodwood Sportscars over the last year or so as I have been heavily involved in a number of other business ventures. It means I have had less time to play with Mazda MX5s though I intend that it will now be back to business and I have recently had the pleasure of offering for sale some very interesting cars. The MX5 world continues to move on at some rate and these days, I find myself spending more time tracking down cars that need a variety of jobs doing rather than cars that are ready to go immediately. Think of it as a smaller version of 'Wheeler Dealers' and you have a better idea of what I do.

As daft as it seems, the beginning of the year is often the time when I sell more MX5s than at any other time. Don't believe all that hype about convertibles being cheaper in the winter and more expensive on the summer - its just not true. I'm selling MX5s faster than I can find them at the moment with many sold before they are even advertised. So if you are looking for something special, contact me and let me know. Who knows what I have up my sleeve!

As ever, I'm still using Facebook to give regular and quick news updates so please check out my pages on there: there are links on the 'Links' page here.