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February 2021

Despite the doom and gloom out there, the Mazda MX5 market has still been very buoyant. In fact the last few months has seen the Mk1 market move up yet another gear and not only are good cars commanding strong money, but there are so few really good cars even available these days. The interest in Mk1s in particular continues to go from strength to strength, helped by various articles appearing in car magazines and online predicting how collectable they will become/are already becoming. I still think the market for Mk2/Mk2.5 models is (very) slowly gathering pace as so many people realise how good they are to drive. The immediate problems with the Mk2 market though, are that:

1. Around 85% are rusty as hell, with the severity of rust being anywhere from just a few bubbles right up to cars that are so bad that you wouldn't even want to drive them for fear of impending collapse.

2. There are still thousands out there, probably tens of thousands actually and prices for rough ones are still very low which tends to taint the whole market. The poor ones will be being scrapped at a fairly high rate so eventually the pool of good cars will become smaller but that day is certainly still some way off.

It doesn't leave many that are actually worth buying. In my experience, the earliest cars were better built while the last of the Mk2.5s (may be from 2003-2005) - despite having an excellent specification with lots of toys - were by far and away the worst in terms of corrosion. A good early 1.8 in the original launch colour of Evolution Orange Mica could be a very collectable car in future.

Moving back to MK1 models, Mazda have just announced that they are expanding their list of official reproduction parts for the Mk1. This includes various trim parts, a new hood that uses the same fabric as the original and includes a rear screen made from the same material as the original and interestingly, a new redesigned version of the original Enkei wheel which is now both stronger and lighter. I have a feeling some of these parts may not be cheap though.

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