MX5 Soft Top Supply and Fitting

I have been fitting new soft tops to my Mazda MX5 sale cars for many years and I’m now happy to offer this service to any MX5 owner. Very simply, I can supply and fit a new quality black vinyl hood with plastic rear window to your Mazda MX5 or Eunos Mk1 for an all-in price of £495.

Other Prices and Options:
MX5 soft top in black vinyl with glass heated window (as originally fitted to MK2 models) is £725 supplied and fitted.
MX5 soft top in black mohair with glass heated window is £825 supplied and fitted.

Both of the above soft tops (Mk2 and mohair) can also be fitted to Mk1 models.

Its also possible to order soft tops in colours other than black though there is always an extra charge for this usually around £50.

Its worth mentioning that if you order a soft top with a heated glass rear screen, the correct wiring, relays and switch need to be in place in order for it to work and on many Mk1 models, this may not be the case. This lot can be retro fitted but it can be quite expensive - circa £100- £140

If you have a quick read through some of the owner’s forums, you’ll quickly realise that fitting a new soft-top can be a tedious, soul-destroying job – it certainly was for me the very first time I fitted one. Now however, and many, many soft-top fittings later, I’ve got it down to a fine art and have worked out the simplest way to do the job using a number of special tools enabling me to carry out a quality job.

As part of my roof fitting service, I will
• Check and repair the rain rail if necessary (these can be outrageously expensive to replace so I will repair if at all possible).

• Clean out the roof drains. These drains are awkward to clean out properly with the roof in situ so it makes sense to take advantage of the extra access while the soft-top is removed. I also flush them out thoroughly. If you have wet carpets, blocked roof drains are often the problem.

• Lubricate and adjust the frame.

• Check and replace the roof cables if required. These plastic cables are usually re-usable but I keep them in stock just in case we find any that have snapped. My replacement cables are now manufactured from stainless steel which is much stronger. A new pair of cables are an extra £25.00 if required.

If you need a new soft top fitting, please just contact to me to make arrangements. I need you to complete a booking form and always ask for a 50% deposit on any soft ordered as each is ordered especially for you. Its worth pointing out that the work is carried out at my workshop in Berwick upon Tweed - I do not offer a mobile service. Please allow 4 hours or so for a new hood to be fitted. I can give you a lift into nearby Berwick upon Tweed if required.